Conditions d'utilisation

General Terms and Conditions of the company RE Carbon GmbH


§1 Prevalence obverse to contractors and terminologies

(1) The following General Terms and Conditions count for every delivery between us and  a consumer from the time of the order valid version.

Consumer is every natural person, who finishes  a transaction for purpose, which predominant neither can be assigned to their commercial nor their self-employed occupational activity (§ 13 BGB).


§2 conclusion of contract, storage of the wording of the contract

(1) The following regulations about the conclusion of contract count for orders on the web shop .

(2) In case of the conclusion of contract, it concludes with


RE Carbon GmbH

Auf der Mühle 12

D- 35232 Dautphetal

Amtsgericht Marburg

HRB 7383

(3) The presentation of the goods in our web shop does not represent a judicial binding offer of contract on our part, but are a nonbinding request to the customer, to buy goods. With the order of the desired good, the customer hands in a binding offer on the conclusion of a purchase contract.
(4) By the entrance of an order in our web shop there count following rules: the customer hands in an binding offer of contract, by running through the provided order procedure successful.

The order is carries out in the following steps:

1) Selection of the desired good
2) Confirmation by clicking on the button “add to card”
3) Test of the information in card
4) Confirmation of the button “Check out”
5) Register in the web shop after the registration and submission of the applicant data (e-mail address and password)
6)Repeated test or rather correction of the particular data.
7) Binding dispatch of the order by clicking the button “buy with costs” or “buy”

The customer is able to use the “back“-Button in his used internet browser, before he is bindingly sending the offer, to get back to the internet site, where the information of the customer is registered, to correct his given information or he can close the internet browser to cancel the order.
We confirm the entrance of the offer immediately with an automatically generated e-mail (“order confirmation”). With that we accept your offer.

(5) Storage of the wording of the contract with ordering at our web shop:  We send you the order information and our general terms and conditions by e-mail. You can review the general terms and condition at every time at . The order information aren’t accessible via internet.


§3 price, shipping costs, payment, due-date

(1)  The stated prices include the statutory sales tax and other price components. Also possible shipping cost.

(2) The customer has the possibility of payment by prepayment, Paypal, PaypalPlus (direct debit, credit card (Visa, Mastercard)).

(3) If the customer takes the payment by prepayment, he will obligate himself, to pay the buy price immediately after the conclusion of contract.


§4 Shipment

(1) Provided that we did not clearly stated something else, all articles are immediately ready for shipment.  The delivery will be effected lately within 15 workdays. Thereby begins the time limit for the delivery in case of payment by prepayment on the date after the payment order for the referral delegated bank and for all other payment options on the date after the conclusion of contract.

(2) The danger of the random breakup and the random deterioration of the sold product also pass only first by the sale by delivery to a place other than the place of performance with the handover of the product to the customer.


§5 Reservation of proprietary rights

We reserve us the property of the good until the payment of the customer is completed


§6 Right of rescission of the client as customer:

Right of rescission for customers

Customers due the right of rescission after the following requirement, in which customers are every natural person, who completes a transaction for the purpose, which cannot be assigned predominant for industrial or self-reliant job-related workings:

Rescission instructions

Right of rescission

You have the right, within fourteen days without information of reasons to cancel this treaty.

The time limit to cancel represents fourteen days, starting at the day on which you or one of your named third parties, who was not the carrier, took possession of the product.

To execute your right of rescission, you have to inform us about your decision via clearly declaration ( via mail or e-mail).

RE Carbon GmbH

Auf der Mühle 12

D- 35232 Dautphetal

Amtsgericht Marburg

HRB 7383

Therefor you can use the enclosed model of the rescission form, but which is not required.

Follow-up of the disclaimer

When you cancel this treaty, we refund you the all payments, we received from you including the delivery costs (with the exception of the additional costs, which ensure out of the other types of delivery you choose differently to the cheap standard delivery, which we offer) immediately and by fourteen days starting at the day, when we received your note of canceling this treaty.
For this refund we use the same payment option, you use for the primary transaction, besides we arrange with you something else; in no case we calculate you the upcoming fee.

We can refuse the back payments, until we received the product or until you adducted the evidence, that you returned the product, depending on which of them have the earlier point in time.

You have sent us back the good immediately and in every case within fourteen days, starting at the day you inform us about the rescission of this contract. The time-limit is preserved, when you send us the good before the term of fourteen days expires.

You bear the direct costs of the reshipment.

End of the rescission instructions


§7 Rescission form

The model of the rescission form

(If you want to cancel the contract, please fill out this form and send it back)


RE Carbon GmbH

Auf der Mühle 12

D- 35232 Dautphetal


Herewith i/we (*) cancel the contract about the purchase of the following good (*)/ the supply of a service (*), completed by me/us (*).


ordered on (*)/received on (*)


name of the customer


mailing address of  the customer


signature of the customer (only with notice via paper)




(*) scratch inapplicable words

§8 guarantee

The statutory guarantee regulations count.

§9 contract language

The contract language is only available in German.


§10 client service

Our client service is available for questions, reclamations and complaints on every work day between 9:00 o`clock and 16:00 o`clock via.



We acknowledge returns only with our return form!
Which is free available for you as Pdf-document on the following link:

Return form



The Europe committee provides a platform for online-mediation (OS), which you can find here: . The customer has the possibility, to use this platform for the settlement of a dispute.


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